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The brand reputation of your real estate business is not only dependent on the revenue and earnings but goes one step further. Mobile app development forms an innate part of the solution with more and more consumers becoming mobile and app savvy.

Our team of innovative real estate mobile app developers specialize in the development of property apps that are powered by industries that prepare it to meet the present and future demand of all your stakeholders in real time.

Property Management Apps

Access a real-time view of your property and associated features with our app and spend less time looking for information.

Real-estate Apps

Save your precious time by availing virtual tour of homes, save favorites, and quickly locate the destination with our mobile apps.

CRM Solutions

We offer an easy CRM solution and that sends push notifications by tagging similar groups of clients with property updates.

Property Agents Apps

Our Property Agents Apps with metadata and Geotagging enable agents to find properties quickly and access the right information.

Lead Management Solutions

Our solutions store and nurture potential leads, analyze them into categories, and convert into prospects and drive ROI.

Rental Apps

Our apps simplify the process of renting apartments, reduce paperwork, and automate the paying of rents, without hassles.

We provide efficient mobile solutions for Real Estate Industry.

Mobile Solutions proffers several benefits to the real estate industry in order to give their customers unmatched flexibility to search their desired property, easily and more efficiently. When it comes to give convenient services to your customers to sell, buy or rent properties, with Real Estate App Development Solutions, you can accomplish all purposes to amplify your business in a contemporary way. Using Real Estate Mobility Solutions, you can deliver 24/7/365 services to your customers without the need of accompanying them physically.

SemiDot has skilled real estate app developers who are constantly lining up with this technologically advanced era. We also provide the most pioneer ideas integrated with the latest technologies to our clients.

Real Estate Development

Our team of real estate app developers not just have an idea about the most conversion friendly real estate app design but also are skilled in giving innovative, path-breaking ideas which gives you competitive advantage. We design the app’s prototype and present you with the working models at the very initial stages.

Mobile App Consultation

If you have a brilliant app idea and need expert opinion on its viability and profitability, we give you our team of real estate app developers to consult with. The team will assist you with knowing your app prospects and would offer concrete suggestions on how you can improve your app features.

Online Property Booking Solutions

For your hotel, bed & breakfast, resort, rental apartments, our team of real estate app makers offer efficient online property booking solutions. You can integrate rich media content to showcase your property to clients.

Enterprise Solution

When we develop real estate apps, we offer enterprise solutions to real estate companies to not just prepare them to streamline their business process but also to give them a platform to collect and analyse the impact of their marketing efforts on the property buyers and partnered brokers.

Property Management Apps

Our in-house real estate mobile app builders are also skilled in developing apps that make the task of property management a lot easier. Through these apps, individual societies get a platform to handle all of their society management tasks in one place.

Who Can Get Benefit with Our real estate Solution?

The real estate industry is a vast production and has various people and firms associated with it. Real estate app development solutions used in the industry are proving beneficial to all of them directly or indirectly. Our Real Estate Mobility Services give builders, brokers, and aggregators a platform where they can serve the end-users with 24/7/365 services without the need of attending to them.

Our Real Estate Apps Help Buyers and Sellers Reimagine Home. Our Suite of Services Help Buyers Find a Place They Love and Agents Close the Deal Within Stipulated Time.

Our in-house real estate mobile app builders are also skilled in developing apps that make the task of property management a lot easier.



Real Estate App Development: All-inclusive Guide to Pave Light in your Path

Easy user navigation, Highly Interactive, shows rich and appealing designs, Keep your customers connected with the latest schemes, latest work status, Show all ongoing projects, show properties on sale, and much more.

There are primary ways of gains are: Sell Ad Slots to Property Management Companies, Premier Service Offering to the Real Estate Agents, Sell Ad Slots to Mortgage Lenders and Similar Businesses, Set Lifetime subscription plans for both seller and buyer, set % of commission on selling/rent of the property and place google Admobs or any other advertising agency to earn from advertisements.

There are multiple benefits that come tagged with real estate application development. The major one is becoming a part of the growing market share. The market for mobile real estate is huge and so are the number of users who frequently visit these applications.

Real estate mobile apps are leading the industry and helping to change the overall process. Sellers prefer to upload all their property details over these large social platforms to gain more customers and even buyers visit these apps first to buy a property or rent it over.

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