Enabling fast-paced ecosystem with advanced healthcare application development solutions

Robustly developed Healthcare & fitness mobile applications is a comprehensive way to embrace feasibility in the Healthcare & Fitness domain’s entire process. Providing the techno-powered solution that helps the medical world provide wellness services to the mass accelerates us to fabricate a high-tech medical solution.

Technology has prolifically uplifted the bars of Healthcare domain where Healthcare entities like Hospitals, Doctors, Nutritionists, Yoga Centres and others are harnessing the revolutionary Healthcare & Fitness tech solutions to upsurge patience experience & contour assets management.

healthcare industry with the power of innovative healthcare app development services

From optimizing the present administrative process to improving the efficiency and lowering the cost of healthcare, our healthcare app development services introduce innovation and new methods of disruptions for preventive, predictive, and protective healthcare.

IoT Device Integration

We develop healthcare apps via integrating IoT devices that help users and healthcare staff to monitor patient health. Our developed apps compliment IoT device integration tagged with sensors that aids in tracking the real-time location of medical equipments


In our role as a trusted provider of healthcare app development services, we create mobile prescribing apps to store a patient’s allergies, biometrics, and prescription data. Our apps help simplify prescription management while lowering medication errors.

Patient Management

We develop patient management mobile apps to promote patient and team-centered care through easy-to-use templates to organize info for convenient access. Our developed healthcare mobility solutions assure best practices for risk management & centered around providing streamlined patient care.

Software integration

We create mobile prescribing apps to store a patient’s allergies, biometrics, and prescription data. Our apps help simplify prescription management while lowering medication errors.

mHealth Connectivity

We craft top mHealth apps that make it easy for consumers to access patient care, keep track of their health, improve overall wellbeing and provide better mHealth connectivity through reliable features-loaded healthcare & fitness app solutions.

Hospital Management

At TechMave, we understand the operational challenges that a laboratory faces. In order to meet these challenges, we offer medical software development services.

Treasured Healthcare Experience

We help healthcare organizations implement innovative digital health solutions and strategies. Irrespective of where their focus lies - cloud migration, EHRs, incorporation of technologies like AI and IOT in healthcare, through our digital healthcare application development services Saving the lives, aiding the wellness & simplifying the healthcare & fitness world is what TechMave considers as core. Being the biggest beneficiary of digital innovation, Healthcare Industry is continually adopting technology-path and relying on mHealth apps

Admin / User Panel

Fast Track Development

Electronic Healthcare record

HIPPA Compliant Apps

Online Support & consulting

Personal profiles

Health Plans

Patient Management


Personal Healthcare

Lifestyle tracking


We develop cutting-edge mhealth solutions that allow users to track their diagnostic data, schedule appointments, find doctors, and manage their prescriptions.

Healthcare & fitness apps provide a plethora of benefits to the clinical departments and the patient segment.



With mass care being at the heart of the digital healthcare processes, the healthcare mobile app developers at TechMave

Frequently asked questions

Healthcare apps are classified into different kinds based on their apps. Here are some of the top types of healthcare apps among which you can select the most appropriate one for your prerequisite:

  • Medication Tracking Apps
  • Emergency Healthcare Apps
  • Electronic Health Records Apps

There are a number of factors that make a good health app. The app should be easy to use, provide valuable content, and be compliant with privacy regulations. Additionally, the app should be designed with the user in mind and offer a seamless experience.

If you are up to building a healthcare & fitness mobile apps, concluding the cost of developing a healthcare app is a process that cannot be accomplished until you have a proper understanding of what application does and what features your application would entail, along with the level of security it would require to have, etc.

While it depends entirely on the Healthcare app type you are planning to invest in, there are some features that can be added commonly across app types. Here are what those features are -

  • Appointment booking
  • Media upload
  • In-app messaging

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