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Restaurant app development solutions we offer to help you serve your guests better

As, on-demand food delivery app and restaurant app development services are acquiring energy, digitalizing food ordering, and the restaurant industry by bringing many restaurants and diners on one platform is the present need. Drive your possible customers into a safe place where online ordering food turns into a cakewalk with complete advanced matched-up solutions in food delivery.

Our hand-crafted restaurant mobile app development solutions make dining easy and food delivery efficient. No matter how you are looking to innovate the food and restaurant industry, we plate up a variety of restaurant solutions to help you serve your diners better.

Voice assistance

As an online food delivery app development company, we believe in assisting the food orders of your customers using voice technology in food ordering app development, restaurant PoS software development or self-serve kiosks to give on-the-go experience.

Augmented reality

With AR technology, give your customers a live experience of your restaurant, food and other items. Our restaurant mobile app development agency developers are skilled in integrating lively preview features for best online experience.

Artificial intelligence

If you are looking for restaurant chain app development or food ordering app development, our AI integration will help you with accurately mining and managing customer data. Not to forget the trending food industry insights you get every minute with our restaurant software development.

food delivery app development solutions to provide unmatched products

Infusion of technology in the food ordering and delivery sector leads a door of success to every food business be it restaurants, cloud kitchen with the help of innovatory & feature-packed food & restaurant app development services. Being a #1 food & restaurant app development company we add an extra pinch of excellence via infusing scalable integrations.

In-app Payment System

We integrate the most reliable & multiple payment solutions I.e e-wallets, online transfers, coupons, card payments based upon the most sophisticated authentication involving geometric data, fingerprint, multi-step verification, instant OTP messages, etc. We perform a user-friendly and seamless In-app payment mechanism that is customized and tailor-made for your food & restaurant business.

Send location-based deals

We, as an online food delivery app development company, take best leverage of the GPS feature to help you send location-based deals to people who have downloaded your app. Apart from being an unfailing marketing tool, our GPS integration also helps your customers and stakeholders get reservation options and driving instructions right on their app.

Referral Feature

To open the door of more revenue, we played smart as we enable you to acquire a referral system in place enabling your users to earn some bonus points at the time of food ordering from the restaurant. Through this, we help you to unlock the number of loyal users as well as more channels to earn more money through app download subscriptions.

Share reviews via social media

We empower your customers to leave a review on your restaurant’s service and food options and share them on social media from right within the application. The feature which is designed to be a powerful marketing strategy, helps hike your sales astronomically in online food ordering app development.

Real-time Tracking System

We integrate a highly advanced Real-Time Tracking System (RTTS) for tracking and monitoring all food deliveries for optimal performance and customer satisfaction. This will give you complete access to have an eye on deliveries & other activities operating through your application.

Easy menu display

Complete with images and interactive features, we add an easy menu display when we develop an online food delivery app or create a dine-in solution. We also give your users the option to mark their favorites after searching extensively through the advanced filters designed according to price, cuisines, and taste preferences.

Quick reservations

An automatic real-time updating in records doesn’t just help optimize your restaurant app performance but also reduce the wait time, especially during the busy holiday season. We help you achieve these benefits through the intuitive quick reservation functionality.

Nearby restaurants

Your customers can search and find nearby restaurants that serve their favorite dishes by simply running the search enabled with advanced geo-location features with our on-demand food delivery app development solutions.

Re-order and take away

Repeating the favorite orders for customers must not take their time and energy. Our custom food delivery application development services utilize the “Reorder” feature to make it easy for your customers to enjoy their favorite dishes as many times as they want.

Using all the ingredients that make your application an AOTD, everyday

Provide your food & restaurant business a feature-loaded mobile application that will cater smart user-interfaces to help your users in ordering their favourite food. Your business requires a top food & restaurant app development agency to accomplish the above. We power-pack your app with features that are designed to make your restaurant services efficient.

Restaurant Panel

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Multi-Language Accessibility

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Various Payment Methods

Delivery Area Management

Coupon Code Generation

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We are perhaps the most confided mobile app development company for the Restaurant and Food industry.

Our hand-crafted restaurant mobile app development solutions make dining easy and food delivery efficient. No matter how you are looking to innovate the food and restaurant industry



We power-pack your app with features that are designed to make your restaurant services efficient.

Frequently asked questions

Food delivery apps can make money from different methods. One can make money through Ads, Subscriptions, Selling Merchandise, commissions on each transaction, In-App Purchases, Sponsorship, Referral Marketing, Freemium Upsell, Physical Purchases, Transaction Fees, and Crowdfunding.

If you are diving to build a food ordering and delivery mobile application then, it takes various processes and aspects to define the cost of app development. App’s development platforms, features, third-party integrations, resources, time and effort, and some more factors decide the cost of app development.

If you are willing to build your own food delivery mobile application, you must be well-versed with the growing competition and steps to build a user-centric custom food delivery app. For an accurate understanding of developing a delivery app like uber eats, you would need a food delivery app development company like TechMave that can help you to grow with the market.

There are certain questions you can ask when hiring a restaurant mobile app development company that will help you make a sound decision sooner. You can research reliable restaurant app development companies, ask about the company's portfolio and industry experience, and take a follow up on their development process.

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